Electronic Giving

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Why would I want to give to the church using Electronic Giving?

A: Many people who give regularly find that Electronic Giving is a convenient option to fulfill their giving commitments. This is especially true when you can not attend a worship service due to vacation time or illness.


Do I have to give electronically?

A: No you do not, you can still give during regular services.


What do I need to do to start giving electronically?

A: You first need to Register before you can Sign In.

After signing in click on the Accounts tab to add a checking or savings account.


What is the least amount I can give?

A: There is a $5.00 minimum donation.


Is Electronic Giving safe?

A: Yes, Electronic Giving utilizes the Automated Clearing House network or ACH, the same network that is used for Direct Deposit and Electronic Bill Payment.


Can I use a Credit Card?

A: No, at this time only a checking or savings account.


If I don’t write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?

A: You can add it to your checkbook like you were recording a check, just put AP (Automatic Payment) for where you would place the check number. Also, all contributions will be clearly listed on your monthly checking or savings.


How do I participate in the weekly offering if my gift is automatically deducted from my bank account?

A: You may always give during worship. Some people who give electronically also give during worship.


What if I change banks or accounts or want to change the amount of my contribution?

A: You can change your giving account at any time by logging into Sign In.


How often do I have to give electronically?

A: You have complete control over when donations occur, there frequency and how long a recurring donation will continue. Donations can be one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


Is there any charge to me from my bank to give online?

A: No. Electronic funds transfers carry no bank fees to you.