Community of Compassion Ministry Center

Faith Community leveraging the power of Community relationships and collaboration to make a positive impact in the lives of families one relationship at a time.

We will achieve this through: Youth Empowerment, Parent Support, and Education, & Resources Coordination. We will do this work and communicate that the Community Care about Child and their family.

Academic Ministries
Knowledge is power. Therefore, Community for Compassion offers community youth a safe place to do homework. We have also partnered with the Sterling Public Library to give kids a chance to be read to and to read one-on-one with an adult outside of the school atmosphere and to build relationship with positive adults built into the childcare for our Parent Support/ Education Group sessions. Kids earn rewards for reading and reaching academic goals. We emphasize importance of education starting at birth by reinforcing the value of completing high school and moving on to a trade school, a college or university, or the military as long term goals.

Afterschool Programing
The Community of Compassion Ministry Center has open its doors for the youth that have enrolled in our programing to help support them in their education. We have opened our Learning Center to our students to reinforce the message the Knowledge Is Power!!Community of Compassion seeks to offer sports, arts, STEM, and life skill based programing that is sensitive to the needs of the vulnerable youth in our community. We believe that together we can interrupt the cycle of poverty and replace risky behaviors by offering positive atmosphere and safe relationships to explore their potential and experience opportunities.

Girl Power / 20 Men Strong
We offer 4 sessions per year. The cost is $15 per session. We will offer experiences in sports like volleyball and basketball clinics, Arts and STEM, and Life Skill activities 5th – 12th grade. Youth come to the Learning Center to do homework and engage 40 Developmental Asset based curriculum. Volunteers work with 5th – 12th grade youth in conditioning, discipline, fundamental skill building.

The Evergreen Mentoring Project
A staggering number of children in our communities do not have both parents involved in their lives. Research confirms that the power of one positive, consistent, and supportive relationship builds resilience. Research has consistently shown that the presence of these developmental supports and opportunities (protective factors) provide an indicator of whether youth will grow up to become successful, well-adjusted adults than does the presence or absence of risk factors (i.e. poverty, drug-use, etc.)

Consider being that positive relationship – You have the power to change a life

Be The Change
Become a part of the Community of Compassion

Become Aware
Compassionate Ministry Orientation Training is designed to help challenge the mindset of potential volunteers and to foster understanding of the families we reach. It serves as introduction to the evidence-based model we use to approach compassionate ministry.

Become Informed
This training is designed to build your confidence, to step outside your comfort zone with ministry specific training, and equip and support volunteers as they begin to find their passion and develop their skills. This training starts with job shadowing, gifts and interest inventory, training and job coaching specific to your volunteer role. Prerequisite: Must complete the Orientation Training.

Become Involved
Join the CCMC Team! Share your God given gifts in a meaningful way. There are three levels of volunteer opportunities as well as job shadowing opportunities to help you find your niche. Coaching and support is available to ministry team members. From reading to children to becoming a mentor in our Evergreen Project the experience is guaranteed to challenge your and add value to your life as well as the families we seek to serve.

Funding the Vision
Becoming a financial partner in the CCMC Vision helps expand our Youth Intervention Programming for at risk youth, Parent Support and Education, and Creative Outreach for high need, vulnerable, and hard to reach populations.

Rev. Irene Lewis-Wimbley
Community of Compassion Director

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