Blessed beyond measure

I have been blessed beyond measure by the wonderful people of Sterling First and want to say THANK YOU!! Earlier this week, I was blessed by Lori, Dalen, Claire, Kari, Blake, Torrie, Kobe, Trinity, Amy, and Katelyn as they volunteered to help clean, peel wallpaper, peel contact paper, and paint at the parsonage. They were seriously angels. Lori, Claire, and Katelyn even came back for a second day of work. I left feeling exhausted but so thankful for these new friends who sacrificed time and energy to help me and my family wothout really even knowing us. This doesn’t even count the countless ladies who were checking in with me on Facebook throughout the week, assuring me that they are praying for us.

Then, today, Pastor Jeremy, Pator Irene, Tony, and a van full of wonderful people drove two hours in the rain and loaded all of our furniture, etc, into the moving truck. I’m sorry I did not get to meet them all, but cannot wait to say thank you in person.

Friends, we have been BLESSED by you!!! It is amazing to be a part of the family of God, and you have welcomed us with open arms. THANK YOU for blessing us!!!!

See you soon!
Much love,
Deb Wright (for Pastor John, A.J., Joshua, and Isaiah, too!)

Deb Wright

Childhood memories

I was at work this past Friday, walking around checking in on the patrons to ensure they were enjoying their meal. A little girl asked if I would like to buy a candy bar to help her go to camp.

Instantly, I was a tiny little 10 year old girl again. Almost always invisible, until going to Camp Benson for summer camp. I was alive with happiness that only choldren know. Everyone liked everyone. Everyone got the same things/treatment. No one was poor/rich. Just sun kissed kids there on a mission of fun and new friendships.

Snapped back to this moment in time, I asked her for $20 worth of candy bars to help ensure this little child of God would indeed experience this same summer love. I asked for 10 candy bars, telling her to give the rest to anyone she would like. I told her Jesus loved her and so did I. With a child’s innocence she smiled and thanked me off to the next customer. Never knowing how much she had blessed me.


Kassy Wells


I can not even find the words to explain what god has been doing in my life, and my childrens life. He is blessing every area of my life at home, at the kids school, and at both of my workplaces. God is changing me from the inside out, so much that it can not be ignored. He is faithful, loves us and keeps his promises. I met irene and justin last night at the hatten center, and was told something needed to be fixed. When i got there i was shocked, god has opened up doors thru Erin and Justin to help me walk my path. The reality of this is still sinking in. They went out and purchased me a brand new laptop, they know god has put things in my heart to complete a lay ministry training. With out this laptop i would not be able to do what i am called to do.. It makes me feel so loved to have such a caring, loving church family who loves me and believes in me. Justin told me pastor jeremy gave him five dollars, jesus loves me. And no excuses to get it done. This is a life changing opportunity for me, which would not have happened with out justin and erins blessing. I am thankful that i get to be part of blessing the sauk valley! Thank you justin and erin for being a blessing to me!!! 💜 God is so good, all of the time!!

Cara Johnson

Give thanks!

Aaron and Melissa brought breakfast not only to my home daycare this morning but to another home daycare as well! Great people blessing others and making our mornings that much easier! Thank you so much we appreciate it more than you know!

Nicole Alletto

Forever blessed

I am a member of Sterling first and due to medical circumstances with my son things have been very difficult lately. Sometimes I wonder why God has chosen me to care over a child with so many special needs. I’ve been drifting from him lately as I struggle to get through one day to the next with all that’s going on. Today I was at a friends house when another friends son walked up to me said God told me you needed this and that Jesus loves you. He handed me 5 dollars and a card. I began bawling just by hearing the words Jesus loves you come from that child. He has no idea how much I needed to hear that or how perfect his timing was as I was beginning to feel defeated in my battles for my son. Thank you and God bless you Jacob Johnson for reminding me of his unfailing love.

Crystal Lee

Hey I was walking through

Hey I was walking through the parking lot going to my service learning class at the middle school. This certain guy caught my eye sitting in his pickup and it was after first hour so I was wondering what he was doing. As I approached I realized he was crying so knocked on his window wondering if he wanted to talk. He rolled down his window and we talked for about 10 minutes about what was on his mind then I offered to get him a coffee. So I go into the middle school and got him a coffee then come back and he asks me how much he owed me for the coffee and I said nothing. He said “I thought no one cared about me anymore” and I told him that two people still do. Me and God. It felt good to do that because God has done SO much for me that I could never pay him back for but He still looks down on me and says “Son, you are my beloved masterpiece”. I pray that the guy in the pickup hears that some where down the road.

Clarke Chapman

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